Moscow Wasteland

by rooftops

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released April 16, 2012



all rights reserved


rooftops Moscow, Russia

We are friends, also we are the band.

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Track Name: i don't give a fuck
I don’t give a fuck. I don’t give a fuck about your stupid useless wars, about skin color and a place for someone to live, about all the meat-eaters, about all the vegetarians, about all who is straight edge, about all who drinks a booze. I don’t divide people into bad or good for their appearance. Hey, who gave you a right to judge people? Imagined you’re fuckin judges, right? Take a note you bastards, the Earth is round and now or later all the shit that you did to other people will come back to you at the most unexpectable moment. You’re all like a bunch of stupid kids with fuckin’ maximalism. Go and teach somebody else. Kids imagined that they’re fuckin’ overworld, it’s just ridiculous! I don’t give a fuck about this fuckin’ country, it will never change anyway. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Track Name: fathers&sons
I miss you dad it never seemed to be like that, and your grey eyes it’s only thing I can't forget. it's like we don't even know each other, but there's only one man which I can call my father. I don’t know, how it’s? - To be a son. You never told me, how can I find the exit in the worst situations. I needed your help, but you decided that I will deal with this life by myself. You are somewhere, with someone, maybe you feel something when I thinking about you? Maybe we’ve seen each other on the streets for many fucking times. I hate you dad it always should be like that and your blue eyes this is the thing which I want forget. That’s right, we don't even know each other cuz there's no man which I can call my father.
Track Name: crossroads
There’s no slik roads, there will be always stones and hollows.Everything that we can it’s crawl on believe in your own dream. A lot of people were the same way, but not all of them reached the end. All what they were lived for was crushed into pieces. There are many crossroads, what road is better for me? How many opinions and advices, who can I trust? I will turn of my mind and follow to my heart it will take myself in harmony of life.
Track Name: dead black haze
Passing throught the quiet night with wheels noise cool wind strokes your face. Through the dead black haze you feel this call of a roads to the nowhere.