things we do before we die

by rooftops

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released April 3, 2013



all rights reserved


rooftops Moscow, Russia

We are friends, also we are the band.

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Track Name: let me die tonight
Cold skin and no heartbeat heard under the weight of images you've made up yourself. The heat of your blood won't melt it, the ice won't melt. This is not the end of the day or the week, you can't wake up and start all over again. You can't fix something you can never get back. All these people are standing here just for you, their black hats, black clothes, black shoes tell of the sorrow for the long lost days. All of them will be in your shoes soon. The past, they're all looking into the past, remembering how great everything was. One blink, and in one second everything you lived for broke off. Everyone gathered to say goodbye to everything that doesn't make any sense. The only eternal thing uniting us is death.
Track Name: fade
Close my eyes through the black hollows. They've lost their minds like they never have before I wish I was far away from here, away from sorrow. I try to look down at their wasted souls, I want to know them, I want to know. Let's burn the bridges together, we don't need anyone anywhere. Staying in love has been making me sick, I'm burying you now, so rest in peace. So hard to think, so hard to live, fucking hard to breathe but I would rather swim than loudly sink.
Track Name: old lady
I'm staying here for u. I wish u could be proud of what I do. Not much is said when I'm at home. You asked me something but I'm going to my room. I'm sorry mom, for all those mistakes that I have done, I'm a stupid son. Life was trying to break you, but it couldn't. A little girl from the small town. Live as you like, don't listen to anyone. Dance it out of spite. We doesn't understand each other but I hope you know that I love you. Let them see all the real beauty. It will melt their cold hearts. How many miles have you walked alone.