by rooftops

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released June 16, 2014

DPH Studio Powerhouse Moscow
Sound Producer: Pavel Nikolsky
mastering: Knack Mastering | Ringwood, NJ



all rights reserved


rooftops Moscow, Russia

We are friends, also we are the band.

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Track Name: Take Me Back
Take me back. I want to feel it one more time. Take me back to when I was happy as a child. How many times did the hour hands cross the north? How many times did the sun cross this sky. And i'm still here, I'm still near, but you can't see me.
Track Name: Whore
Зачем я вообще связал себя твоим обществом.
Жил бы сам по себе, один, в одиночестве..
Track Name: Somebody Told Me
She is perfection
Don't waste ur time
stay calm if she fucks with your mind
that somebody told me..
Track Name: 1989
I've got scars on my skin, they reflect my past
Deep wounds are bleeding, this is what I've ran through
My path isn't paved on maps, it doesn't exist
I don't know what awaits tomorrow for me

I make mistakes, I was mistaken, and each one of us is in these hell's ellipses. All the time I face the need to choose. I was mistaken,and I make mistakes. Wrap your arms around my fears. I've had this storm in my head since 1989
Track Name: WUF
There must be something wrong inside my head
I've never been the kid, who wanted to be a part of that.
I have my own plan for this world.

they never understood!
It looks like a dog standing хэв against the door that's locked.
You said that i must be like them.
Like WHO?

Let me be myself, not anyone else.
I just need to feel alive, to make, what i create in my head, for this short life.
Track Name: Zero
Километры. Тысячи..сотни..травят душу мою и теплую плоть. Я мог бы быть копией, встать с вами в строй, но вы не поймете меня..да и желания быть с вами - ноль.
Track Name: Lust
She lay on the bed I heard her every sigh from head to toe. We fell in love like no one else, in ths cruel world. We fell in love like no one else, but it was wrong.
Lust was the only evidence of our love. And I got lost in thoughts. What's wrong with us.

I'm alone with my thoughts.
Track Name: Rats Square
You want to be a good guy, but fucked up to hide the truth from somebody else. My heart is still fucking cold to your lifestyle in your mindless world
So come on, burn it down!

Well, you left your home. That's never been your home.

You couldn't even see my soul at the garden of dead roses. You never felt my soul. Rats Square.
Track Name: Gun
Imagine that you have a gun, would our problems gone?

You are standing in front of me,
The masterpiece of art.
I tried, to find a key
Of your coldest heart.

The blood on my fists,
Past kisses of ..
I tried to find a key
Of your coldest heart.